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Bio - William Yu, CPA, MBA

After marching on Tian’anmen Square and surviving the massacre, William started his career with Sinochem Group in their Beijing home office as assistant to the CFO when Sinochem’s annual revenue was over $10 billion; he assisted in compiling Sinochem’s very first GAAP-compliant financial statement; computerization of manual abacus-based accounting system; and commercial banking interactions. After several years, he was transferred to the Long Beach office of Pacific Refining Company, a joint venture by Sinochem Group and Coastal Corporation in January 1993. About a month later, William walked down 107 floors from Window on the World restaurant while he was at the Group meeting luncheon and the 1993 World Trade Center bombing took place.


He went on to lead the finance and accounting departments for a handful of companies in the manufacturing, distribution, and e-commerce industries. During this time, he held the positions of Controller and Accounting Manager. One of the achievements was the implementation of ERP solution - NetSuite for an e-commerce start-up when web-based (aka cloud-based) ERP systems just started.

William spent eight years servicing municipalities (City of Santa Monica and the City of Torrance) where he assisted in implementing Image Cash Letter, purchase card reconciliation process roll-out, ERP (Tyler Munis), and cloud-based project management system (PMWeb). He was Deputy City Treasurer for Torrance, where he assisted the City Treasurer in the administration of investment programs, including a $142 million investment portfolio.

Currently, at Larta Institute, the award-winning technology, and science-based startup accelerator and commercialization hub, William is overseeing budgeting and forecasting; audits, internal control and risk management; and the automation and integration of payment and financial reporting systems.

As Founder and Principal of MB CPA Plus, a California-licensed Professional Corporation, William works with Intuit, the leader in online tax preparation, to ensure a successful launch of TurboTax Live Full Service, which empowers not only prosperity but also comfort and convenience, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, for millions of clients across America and around the globe.

William enjoys playing badminton at the Manhattan Beach Badminton Club; web-mastering and speaking on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency at the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) Beach Cities Chapter. 

With meticulous due care, William has been servicing private and corporate clients in:

  • CFO and Controllership: to provide strategic leadership and create financial success;

  • Process Optimization: to streamline operational processes, including ERP and system integration to drive down overhead and operational cost;

  • Tax Strategy and Planning: to optimize tax planning, whether Individual or Corporate Income Tax, State and local taxes, Sales Taxes, etc.

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